Jordan Gillespie

Jordan Gillespie is a teen author whose body lives in British Columbia, Canada, but whose mind is probably off in some faraway land with magic spells and plants that turn you into beetles. They find their inspiration to write typically strikes at two o’clock in the morning, and thus they keep highly irregular sleep schedules to accommodate. They are a musical theatre expert and the self-appointed leader of the Western Canadian branch of the Kelli O’Hara fan club. Avoid references to musicals around them unless you want an impromptu performance of the title number of Anything Goes with the full seven-minute dance break. Due to a nervous system disorder, they spend a lot of time in bed, which is just fine as they are basically glued to their keyboard. When not writing, they can be seen aimlessly browsing Tumblr. On a rare break from the computer, they will search out books that cause extreme emotional pain when read. To keep themself sane, they are an avid tea and coffee drinker (favoring matcha or caramel lattes) though they vehemently avoid Starbucks because the corporate dogs don’t need to be any richer and they would rather support local coffee shops that taste better anyway. Any attempt to contact Jordan during the daylights hours will likely be met with hostility because they like to sleep during the day and are a literal vampire.