Erica Engelin

Erica Engelin is a kid from the second-biggest city in Sweden, which doesn’t really mean much seeing as the inhabitants of all of Sweden are only slightly greater in number than the inhabitants of New York City. She adores languages and musicals, the strength and conviction of other people’s passions, and the quiet moments in between the big things, when the world slows down and there is time to breathe. As a tiny child, she visited the library often enough that the librarians knew her by name. Now as a slightly older child (who technically turned adult several months ago but has decided that she will remain a child until she feels ready for adulthood, which is predicted to be approximately never), she visits far less often, but that doesn’t mean she’s turned her back on the magic of words, just that she has come to seek it in different places. She values friendship over romance, companionship over passion, but trust and love in equal measure, and believes with all her heart that the families you choose for yourself are the ones that will always come to mean the most. If you’d like to talk to her about anything she’s written—or have an in-depth debate about Hogwarts houses and the Sorting Hat—you can find her on her Tumblr or e-mail. Tumblr: E-mail: