Alice Blank

Alice Blank is a verifiably goofy cartoonist who occasionally dabbles in writing more serious stories. She is sometimes an illustrator and occasionally a writer, though at most times she is both! Much to the chagrin of her friends and family, she spends the majority of her life pining for the heath and introspecting intensely. Alice Blank is an eternal student who has only recently left her teenage years with confused excitement. Her current academic grind focuses on gender studies in eighteenth-century literature. Mainly, her creative output consists of graphic novels, most of which are freely accessible through her art blog. An illustrator by trade and a writer at heart, her only comfort through the winter of her youth was crafting narratives. When she isn't staring into the middle distance, she sometimes acts in local theater. She loves western movies and cartoons, has a soft spot for gooey romantic young adult fiction, and cherishes that quickening of the pulse that comes from anxious happiness. A fringe philosopher, she has long battled with crises of faith and identity. Also, people thought she was a boy until she was nineteen, so that’s fun too. Feel free to drop her a line anytime!