M. Caldeira

M. Caldeira is a Portuguese author who started writing even before they knew how to read properly. Their first story, about a squirrel turned boy and highly inspired by a certain animated movie, is still in their parents’ safekeeping. Nationally published at age thirteen, M. Caldeira wrote their first ten thousand words, and many more, with someone else’s characters.

Artist, photographer, musician via computer, and creator of new worlds, they’re never happier than when using their imagination to escape a dull day. M. Caldeira is a survivor of the shipping wars, doodler of many sketches in class, and a fan and collector of both new and old video games. They currently study Translation because they often found themselves explaining what was happening on screen to younger siblings and friends, and they decided they might as well make a living out of it. M. Caldeira has a fascination with the past, even if they acknowledge things are better now and they keep getting better.