Alec S. Lefeber

Alec S. Lefeber is an award-winning essayist and fiction writer, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Alec was the recipient of the 2018 Nevin S. James Scholarship in English for several of his academic essays, and he only has one more year of his degree before he plans to pursue a career in Technical Writing (well, until the writing thing pays off). 

Alec has been fascinated with writing ever since the third grade, and he has never stopped pursuing that dream since he picked up the pen fourteen years ago. While dabbling in science fiction in his youth, his most recent works focus on the Midwest, having been born and raised in Wisconsin himself. He is particularly interested in writing stories about social outsiders struggling with their individualism against the community-oriented Midwest. His literary inspirations include ZZ Packer and Sherwood Anderson, and much of his wit comes from hours of listening to Maximum Fun’s My Brother, My Brother, and Me and Wonderful! podcasts. Alec dreams of one day traveling the world as a full-time novelist, but he is currently content living with his girlfriend in small-town Wisconsin while he finishes his degree. When not writing or reading, Alec can be found spending too much time on Twitter.