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Sin and Tonic

Sinners Series | Book Six

Sequel to Absinthe of Malice

Sinners Series: Book Six

Miki St. John believed happy endings only existed in fairy tales until his life took a few unexpected turns… and now he’s found his own.

His best friend, Damien, is back from the dead, and their new band, Crossroads Gin, is soaring up the charts. Miki’s got a solid, loving partner named Kane Morgan—an Inspector with SFPD whose enormous Irish family has embraced him as one of their own—and his dog, Dude, at his side.

It’s a pity someone’s trying to kill him.

Old loyalties and even older grudges emerge from Chinatown’s murky, mysterious past, and Miki struggles to deal with his dead mother’s abandonment, her secrets, and her brutal murder while he’s hunted by an enigmatic killer who may have ties to her.

The case lands in Kane’s lap, and he and Miki are caught in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. When Miki is forced to face his personal demons and the horrors of his childhood, only one thing is certain: the rock star and his cop are determined to fight for their future and survive the evils lurking in Miki’s past.


Englishman Christian Hewler travels to 1920s Egypt as the man Friday to an eccentric American millionaire, hoping to make history and establish his name in archaeology. What he doesn’t count on is meeting brash hired gun Eric Lawless, an American cowboy working for a rival team, or the paranormal mystery that draws them in and has them facing down crazy archaeologists, dark entities, and even ancient gods.

From dark tombs to the burning-hot desert of the Egyptian landscape, Christian has to prove his mettle. During this dangerous game of cat and mouse, the reluctant partnership between Christian and Eric blossoms into more—maybe even a love that can last beyond the deception and terror hidden deep in the tombs of the Valley of the Kings.


Second Edition

First Edition published by Torquere Press, October 2006.



Men of Sports

A Men of Sports Story

Love can hit you hard before you even see it coming….

When rugby player Liam transfers to Melbourne, he’s blindsided by his attraction to the hottest lifeguard on the beach. Luckily Matty knows mouth-to-mouth….

Liam’s left his friends and family—everything comforting and familiar—back in Canberra. He knows it all comes with the job, adjusting to a new city and a new team, but he’s lonely. Maybe it’s time to find something outside his career to fulfill him.

Working as a lifeguard and being by the ocean is Matty’s dream come true. The big, blond, blue-eyed hottie new to his beach catches his attention right away. When he runs into Liam again at the pub, he takes the shy league player under his wing and into his group of mates, and they become fast friends.

But when they go from friends to lovers, the emotions that come with their deepening romance catch them both off guard. Can two men without any experience at relationships navigate their way to steady ground?


Second Edition

First Edition published by Totally Bound Publishing, December 2013.


Fremde Weiten

Geschichten aus der Ferne | Buch 4

Buch 4 in der Serie – Geschichten aus der Ferne

Der Westernsänger Willie Meadows ist ein einziger Schwindel. Er hat noch nie auf einem Pferd gesessen und seine „Western“- Klamotten stammen aus einer Boutique in LA. Kein Wunder, dass Wilson Edwards, der echte Mann in diesen nachgemachten Stiefeln, unter einer Schreibblockade leidet. Entschlossen, wieder Zugang zu seiner Musik zu finden, kauft er eine Ranch in Wyoming, um das Landleben kennenzulernen, auch wenn er keinen Schimmer hat, wie man eine Ranch führt. Dann taucht Steve Peterson auf. Verzweifelt, mittellos und hungrig, ist er gerade aus einer Klinik entkommen, die Homosexuelle umerzieht und von der Sekte seines Vaters betrieben wird.

Eigentlich sollte Steve die Pferde des Vorbesitzers ausbilden, aber nun ist der Job futsch, zusammen mit seinem vermeintlichen Arbeitgeber. Glücklicherweise hat Wilson eine vorübergehende Lösung parat: Steve kann “Ranch-sitten“, während Wilson geschäftlich in LA ist. Aber als er wieder zurückkommt, erkennt Wilson den Besitz kaum wieder. Auf den Koppeln stehen Pferde in Ausbildung und die Ranch ist in einem Topzustand. Und plötzlich erkennt er, dass er nicht vom Cowboydasein inspiriert wird, sondern von Steve selbst.

Aber die Sekte ist immer noch hinter Steve her und Wilsons Angst vor einem Skandal bedeutet, dass er sich immer noch nicht öffentlich geoutet hat. Ein Coming-out könnte das Ende von Willies Karriere bedeuten – aber seine Gefühle für Steve zu leugnen, könnte den einzigen Teil von ihm auslöschen, der echt ist.


Being a hard-core rodeo cowboy means getting by with little money and less of a future. But for two hardscrabble rodeo riders, that might change….

Dean’s been around the rodeo circuit long enough to know when a new kid is down on his luck. Giving young Will a ride to the next event is just the neighborly thing to do, passing on some of the kindness strangers have shown him over the years. Who’d expect Will to be such good company? So good in fact, that Dean figures he might just keep Will around—especially since Will feels the same.

Traveling from rodeo to rodeo, enjoying all the fringe benefits they can, is a dream come true for Dean and Will. Troubles with Dean’s family and Will’s stubborn pride separate them for a while, but they always come back together when the chips are down. These two cowboys are a match made in heaven—now they just need to convince everyone else to let them live the life they love and find their future together.


Latigo first published by Torquere Press, July, 2005.

Bits of Leather first published by Torquere Press, July 2007.


Le secret du sénateur

Dreamspun Desires (Français) | #17

Lorsque son adversaire du parti républicain publie une photo qui révèle son homosexualité sur Facebook, le sénateur Samuel Dalton n’a pas beaucoup de solutions. Peu importe que la photo soit complètement innocente. Il doit avouer la vérité… Puis son équipe de campagne propose un rebondissement inattendu.

Oui, cela lui accorderait la sympathie des électeurs, particulièrement celle de la communauté LGBT, mais la solution semble un peu drastique. 

Et puis, il faut convaincre Gary, l’autre homme sur la photo, de jouer le jeu. Cela ne paraît pas difficile de faire croire à toute la Caroline du Nord que Sam et lui sont fiancés.

Pas difficile, sauf qu’ils viennent tout juste de se rencontrer… 


Plummet to Soar

Plummet to Soar

A Plummet to Soar Story

Feckless, luckless, and charming, Mackenzie Detweiller is the author of a self-help book one reviewer calls “the most misbegotten motivational tool since Mein Kampf.” He’s maneuvered himself into a career as a life coach, but more often than not, his advice is bad. Really bad.

It’s even getting people hurt… and Mackenzie sued.

It falls to Mackenzie’s long-suffering acquisitions editor, JD Chambers, to deliver the bad news. He chooses to do so face-to-face—to see if the spark he senses between them is real when they’re together in the flesh. Unfortunately, a snowstorm, a case of nerves, a case of mistaken identity, and finally a murder get in the way of a potential enemies-to-lovers romance.

There are many, many people who have good reason to want Mackenzie dead. JD must find out which one is acting on it before it’s too late for both of them.



Les Dieux | Tome 3

Suite de Parfait

Les Dieux, tome 3

Zygi Wyatt est un Dom intimidant, mais il aspire à l’amour comme n’importe quel homme. Cependant, trouver un partenaire qui n’est pas effrayé par sa taille n’est pas une tâche facile. Le sympathique Mo ressemble à la réponse à ses prières.

L’amour est ce dont sont faits les rêves. Demandez au dieu Morphée, il sait tout de ça. Mo veut Zygi de façon éternelle, mais il doit s’assurer de l’amour de Zygi avant de le revendiquer comme son compagnon et de révéler sa vraie nature.

Malheureusement, Zeus devient de plus en plus mécontent de Morphée et Arès est déterminé à tout saboter. Zygi et Mo devront braver la colère du dieu des dieux pour faire de leurs rêves une réalité.


Riusciranno due compagni di stanza al college ad andare oltre l’amicizia per trovare l’amore?

Kyle: Con il duro lavoro, sono certo che il mio ruolo di playmaker mi farà arrivare da una piccola città di campagna dell’Indiana all’NBA. So di provare attrazione verso i ragazzi, ma se lo ammettessi potrei deludere mio padre, che è tutta la famiglia che mi è rimasta. Ho grandi sogni, quindi continuerò a tenerlo segreto. Finché la mia vita sarà priva di scandali, avrò un’occasione.

Micah: La mia famiglia numerosa non ha i soldi per aiutarmi a proseguire gli studi, ma questo non mi impedirà di diventare medico. Ho dovuto lasciare la casa che condividevo con il mio ex per non impazzire. Per fortuna, ho sentito che qualcuno sta cercando un compagno di stanza. Vivere con un atleta etero non sarà facile, ma è un rischio che sono disposto a correre.


In the Desert

States of Love | Arizona

Can a Navajo trans teen and a nerdy Catholic find the place they belong... and maybe themselves? In the desert, anything is possible…. 

When Wren came out as transgender before his senior year, it cost him most of his friends. His father hopes joining a Boy Scout troop might help Wren meet other young men his age and be accepted for who he is.

Felipe Nieves wants the new guy in the troop to feel comfortable, and he reaches out to Wren. They become fast friends… with something more beneath the surface. Those feelings confuse Felipe, since his religion considers this a sin—and he’s always assumed he was straight—but he can’t help pining for Wren. Asking him out will take courage, and getting together won’t be easy… but through their friendship, both young men might find their identities… and learn to embrace them in a unique coming-of-age story set against the beauty of the American Southwest.   


States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.


Als seine Mutter krank wurde, hat Doug Heavy Runner das Leben als offen schwuler Polizist in Miami hinter sich gelassen und ist in seine Heimat im Salish-Kootenai Indian Reservat zurückgekehrt. Seit ihrem Tod vor zwei Jahren fristet er ein leeres Dasein als Hilfssheriff in einer Kleinstadt und hält sich mit One-Night-Stands in der nächsten größeren Stadt bei geistiger Gesundheit. Dann begegnet er Detective Christopher Hayes und sie verbringen eine so leidenschaftliche Nacht miteinander, dass Doug seine eigenen Regeln bricht und es zulässt, dass aus dem One-Night-Stand ein ganzes Wochenende wird. 

Als Christopher von San Diego nach Montana reist, um den Selbstmord seines ihm aus sehr guten Gründen entfremdeten älteren Bruders zu regeln, erwartet er nicht, den Mann, mit dem er gerade erst das Wochenende verbracht hat, als Sachbearbeiter des Falles seines Bruders wiederzufinden. Natürlich hat er nichts dagegen, mehr Zeit mit Doug zu verbringen – aber dann zerstört ein Brandstifter das Haus, das Christopher von seinem Bruder geerbt hat und Christopher und Doug finden sich als Hauptverdächtige wieder.

Als sie anfangen zu ermitteln, stellen sie fest, dass Christophers toter Bruder sie auf die Spur eines irren Pädophilen geführt hat, der vor nichts zurückschreckt, um sein jüngstes Opfer zum Schweigen zu bringen. Aber die Suche nach dem Opfer geht entsetzlich schief … 


Forged in Fire

Asheville Arcana
Dreamspun Beyond | #19

Asheville Arcana

The magic touch.

Ever since Harlan Edgewood was bitten by a possessed werewolf, his monthly shifts have been agonizing. When he meets Whimsy Hickes—a mage who specializes in transformation—the attraction is mutual. But Harlan believes his curse is too great a burden to inflict on any romantic partner.

Fortunately, Whimsy thinks he can help.

When Harlan is provoked into an unexpected change, Whimsy uses his magic to help ease Harlan's pain, but with an unexpected consequence. While he's shifted, Harlan's wolf claims Whimsy as his mate.

As they draw closer, suspicious events in the Asheville magical community escalate. Shifters are disappearing, others are murdered, and Harlan's curse makes him an obvious target. It will take all of Whimsy's magic to force back the rising evil—and if he fails, Harlan will lose not only his life, but his very soul.


Renford Kline è etero… giusto? Ha smesso di sperimentare al college ed è andato avanti. Non riesce però a spiegarsi le fantasie indecenti su Brian Daystar, che lo colgono proprio quando dovrebbe concentrarsi sul passaggio della sua carriera da avvocato a professore. Quando Brian arriva a New York, Renford sa di essere nei guai: tutto del ragazzo lo attrae – dal corpo tonico ai bellissimi capelli neri – ma Renford è etero… giusto?

Brian Daystar ha bisogno di una pausa. Sta lavorando senza sosta per trasformare il suo ranch in Montana in un posto sicuro per i giovani a rischio. È così assorbito dal progetto che nemmeno gli importa che il suo ragazzo, una giovane star del country, lo stia tradendo. Il loro rapporto è finito da tempo, ma forse serviranno i sentimenti che prova per Renford a fargli accettare la fine di quella relazione.

Entrambi dovranno prendere una decisione. Renford dovrà imparare ad accettare chi è davvero e Brian dovrà scegliere se rinunciare alla possibilità di essere felice o afferrarla.


Cloister Witte est un homme au sombre passé. Il possède une adorable chienne, et il est toujours heureux quand il peut en parler. Par contre, après avoir grandi dans l’ombre d’un frère disparu, d’un bon à rien de père et d’un beau-père criminel, il préfère laisser le passé dans le Montana. Il est à présent officier de la brigade canine dans le département du shérif du comté de San Diego, où il paye un tribut à ses fantômes en faisant ce que personne n’a pu faire pour son frère : retrouver des personnes disparues pour les ramener chez elles. 

Il excelle à résoudre les énigmes complexes. Sa chienne est encore meilleure que lui. 

Cette fois, la personne disparue est un garçon de dix ans qui est entré dans les bois au milieu de la nuit et n’en est jamais revenu. Malgré l’aide hostile et distrayante du magnifique agent du FBI Javi Merlo, il devient vite évident que Drew Hartley n’a pas fait une fugue. Il a été enlevé et les preuves indiquent qu’il n’est pas la première victime du kidnappeur. Alors que les recherches s’intensifient, de vieilles rancunes et des tragédies sont ramenées à la surface. Malheureusement, à chaque nouvel indice découvert, les probabilités de retrouver Drew en vie diminuent.



Codename: Winger | Book Two

A Harmony Ink Press Title

Codename: Winger: Book Two

Theo Reese is a high school student who’s also a secret agent. Usually those lives are kept separate, but now he must be both at once.

Theo lends his expertise to his school’s computer science club as they gear up for a competition, but his talents are also required by the covert agency he works for. Someone has stolen an encrypted key that can allow them to control the nation’s energy grids. The possibilities are catastrophic unless Theo and his team can reclaim the file.

Theo locates the file in an unexpected place—the computer science competition. As Winger, his secret identity, he must recover the file and keep his teammates safe from the unscrupulous thieves…. But can he do it without revealing his secrets? He can’t blow his cover, especially with so many of his classmates around. 


Stand By Your Manny

The Mannies | Book Three
Dreamspun Desires | #57

The Mannies

Learning to trust and falling in love.

Sammy Lowell has his hands full juggling his music, college, some pesky health problems, and making the uncles who raised him proud. He needs help fulfilling his after-school duties with his siblings. Nobody can be in two places at once—not even Sammy!

An injury puts Cooper Hoskins in a tough spot—if he can’t work, the foster sister he’s raising can’t eat. But years in the foster system have left Cooper short on trust, and opening up to accept help isn’t easy.

Luckily, family intervenes—Cooper needs a job so he can care for Felicity, and Sammy needs someone who can see past his illness to the wonderful things he has planned for his life. Each heals the damaged places in the other’s heart. But falling in love is a big responsibility for young men deep in family already. Can the two of them get past their fear of the immediate future to see forever with each other?


The Wanderer

Chronicles of the Riftlands | Book One

Chronicles of the Riftlands: Book One

After centuries of traveling the continent of Kita and fighting the extradimensional monsters known as Riftspawn, mage Lyuc is tired and ready to back away from the concerns of humanity. 

But the world isn’t done with him yet. 

While traveling with a merchant caravan, Lyuc encounters Yan, an Unnamed, the lowest caste in society. Though Yan has nothing but his determination and spirit, he reminds Lyuc what passion and desire feel like. While wild magic, a snarky, shapeshifting, genderfluid companion, and the plots of men and monsters seem determined to keep Lyuc from laying down his burden, only Yan’s inimitable spirit tempts him to hang on for another lifetime or so. 

All Yan wants is to earn the sponsorship of a guild so he can rise above his station, claim a place in society, and build the family he never had. 

After hundreds of years of self-imposed penance, all Lyuc wants is Yan. 

If they can survive prejudice, bandits, mercenaries, monsters, and nature itself, they might both get their wish… and maybe even their happily ever after.


A Nick and Ben Story

Having explosive sex is easy for Nick and Ben—getting past their hang-ups and opening up to each other won’t be.

Handsome New York City bartender Nick might’ve left life—and his abusive, homophobic father—in West Virginia far behind, but even though he was a star quarterback in high school, he can’t outrun the effect those years had on him. He’s still not comfortable as a gay man, and he keeps his relationships short… as in a single night.

Hotel reviewer Ben is a hopeless romantic, but he can’t seem to find a guy who feels the same. After being cheated on again, he doesn’t expect to spend forever with Nick, but even their one-nighter doesn’t go off without a hitch. Ben falls asleep on Nick’s couch, and in the morning, they have to face their hookup that wasn’t…and the fact that there’s a connection between them whether they’re looking for one or not.