J.S. Cook

J.S. Cook was born and raised on the rugged, wind-swept island of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic Ocean. Her earliest published work was “The Magic Elf,” printed in the local newspaper when she was eight years old. This incited an unquenchable thirst for literary notoriety that resulted in novels ranging from literary and historical to steampunk to moody atmospheric crime. The inspiration for her crime fiction often comes from real cases both modern and historical. To aid her research and ensure forensic accuracy, she designs and conducts her own experiments. 

J.S. Cook holds a BA (Honours), an MA, and a B.Ed., all from Memorial University. She teaches English and Communications at the College of the North Atlantic. Along with her husband, Paul, and their ‘dogter,’ Lola, she divides her time between St. John’s and Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Many of her books are set in Newfoundland and are written in a powerfully descriptive style that borrows heavily from the Newfoundland landscape, geography, and weather.