Yvonne Trent

Yvonne Trent is a retired RN whose career was spent mainly in VA or military hospitals. She has been writing for most of her adult life and has a small collection of poems, some of which were written for her two daughters when they were young. She likes animals but is not too fond of pets, saying that there are some days she doesn’t even want to take care of herself. Despite this, she was Mom to a crazy yellow lab, a beagle with seizures, and a deaf cat. When she discovered M/M fanfiction, she was hooked and wrote her first story in that genre in 2001.


Born and raised in New Jersey, she married a career soldier and moved frequently, living in five different states and Germany over the next seventeen years. In 1977, she settled in Central Texas where she worked at the Army Hospital until her retirement. After her first winter in the South, and Christmas shopping in jeans and a T-shirt, she vowed never to live up north again. She now calls San Antonio home and belongs to a writer’s group there. An avid reader all her life, she gave almost 300 books to the library before moving into a small apartment. She likes crime and suspense stories and mysteries, especially those set in the medical field. She is a proud Trekker (STOS) and an avid fan of the black-and-white 1930-1960 genre of sci-fi films about alien invaders, monsters, and giant creatures born of early nuclear testing. She considers her greatest achievement to be her two lovely daughters and four grandkids, of whom she is very proud.