Vivien Dean

Love doesn't care about gender. The one word that best describes Vivien? Geek. Book geek. Theater geek. Movie geek. All she needs is a story to get lost in. The rest takes care of itself. It all began in Michigan where living in the middle of nowhere forced Vivien to escape to stories and her imagination. High school introduced her to the joys of performing, while college expanded those horizons to include filmmaking. When she met her geek soulmate, a British expat who encouraged her to dream, she spent two years rediscovering the world before he whisked her away to the UK to get married. It was there, as they started their family, that Vivien turned to writing again. She hasn't stopped since. In 2006, Vivien teamed up with fellow erotic romance writer, Pepper Espinoza. Together, they wrote as Jamie Craig for five years. Vivien currently resides in northern California with her husband and two children.