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T. Neilson

T Neilson writes romance with lots of fluff and nonsense but a serious undertone. She lives and works on Vancouver Island. Most summers she spends her days hiking, walking, drinking beer, and going to sausage parties, er, barbecues. In the winter she's usually curled up with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, a couch blanket, and a good book. She also writes SFF under the name Tam MacNeil. T Neilson is the author of The Trouble with Mr. Midwest, Submission Guidelines, and A Fine Romance (forthcoming in 2016). She loves to write romance books that are full of fluff and nonsense, but with a serious undertone. T grew up in the Rocky Mountains and moved out west to go to university, and there she stayed. She has now lived and worked on Vancouver Island for fifteen years and, by some definitions, is even considered a local now. She still misses sparkling, snowy winters of the mountains, but living in a temperate rainforest has its perks. In the summer you can find her either camping or hiking. If she's not out there, try looking at the beach. She might be out there, listening to audiobooks, scouring the shore for beach glass, and trying to fill her year's quota of vitamin D by acting like a lizard whenever the sun comes out. In the rainy season, (substantially longer than the sunny season) she writes, reads, drinks far too much coffee, bakes and cooks, and works hard to maintain an addiction to pop culture, social media, and cartoons. If you're looking for her, she's probably on the couch, under the big blanket, nursing a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and reading something juicy. She also writes SFF under the name Tam MacNeil.