Shaun Young

Shaun Young lives in Ireland and (currently) writes YA science fiction. He has yet to accept the apparently undisputed truth that writing is not a good way to make a living. Shaun decided he was going to be a writer at the age of fifteen because it would mean being able to live anywhere in the world. Since then he’s managed to remain in Ireland, mostly by choice, but the dream lives on. His passion for writing has never diminished, and to this day he’s happiest when surrounded by books. A computer and science nerd almost from birth, he now writes YA science fiction and spends too much time coming up with new concepts for stories that he’ll get around to writing any day now. Feel free to get in touch with recommendations of unusual, strange, unsettling, or otherwise intriguing books. His to-read list is already obscenely long, but there’s always room for one (or ten) more.