Sera Kane

My world glows but dimly, yet I am content where I stand in the shadows. The path lies open that all travellers may walk this hidden road. To arms, martial or loving, that we may journey together til story's end. I am a thirty-something wife and mother of one. My love for the written word has been developed over the span of these years and it refuses to ever dwindle. Long have I desired to write so others might share my strange thoughts and wonderful worlds. By day, I write and manage a lovely RPG site. By night, I do exactly the same thing. We live currently in southern California, but we have lived in many fantastic places. My favourites include Washington-- the state, not DC-- Texas, and Japan. My home is currently rather full with my tall husband, my swift son, my derpy German Shepherd, the grumpy yet loving Shih-Tzu, and one very determined cat who puts up with the dogs that she might attain cuddles.