Rowena Sudbury

Rowena Sudbury lives in southern California. She finds herself thinking through the minds of her characters, and often carries a small notebook around to capture their random thoughts.
Rowena grew up reading historical romance novels, and always wondered "what if..." Eventually she began to noodle around. The King's Tale took over three years to write, but it's everything she hoped it would be. It is classified as a Timeless Dream since it ignores homosexual history, but The King's Heart attempts to give the story a more accurate historical account.
She has also written a few contemporary pieces, two of which are classified as BDSM, though they are not traditional BDSM works.

In 2013 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery and chemotherapy slowed her down, and major complications ensued. As distressing as it was, her writing career was put on hold. But this did not stop her fertile brain from continuing to work on ideas for her next books. Expect big things in the near future!