Mark Wildyr

Born and raised in the Bible Belt at a time when such things were never openly discussed, I was late in addressing my interest in the exploration of what was then the homosexual sub-culture. My particular literary interest is sexual discovery, often as it spans ethnic or cultural divides. Born and raised in Southeastern Oklahoma, I an Albuquerque writer of gay erotic fiction. One day, I picked up a book someone had left on a table at a bookstore, a book my rural upbringing had not prepared me for. Hardcore erotica. Nonetheless, I read a couple of stories and decided I could do a better job. Surely, there was a way to make an erotic story more than just stringing one sexual escapade together with another. Long story short, I went home, wrote a story and sold it to the same publisher. Since then, I've sold around sixty such stories and published six novels and a novella, each one a tale of sexual discovery, often between different cultures. Many of my books are historical in nature spanning most of the 19th Century and tracing the change in the way many Native American Tribes viewed homosexuality and "Two Spirit Peoples" before and after the arrival of the Europeans. Others are contemporary tales.