J.R. Loveless

I am a proud author of m/m romance and spend as much time as possible thinking of new worlds to create and new characters to fill those worlds. While I work a full time day job right now, my true dream is to spend my days writing and plotting rather than locked up in an office. I write gay romance because I love men and two men together just equal HOT! I stumbled on m/m romance at a time in my life when it was darkest and it saved my sanity and brought me back onto the path I'd strayed from --- Writing. It is and always will be my passion. Someday I hope to break out into the young adult world as that has always been where my interest lies, but I would never abandon my love of m/m romance! I write from the heart. My stories are meant to stir up feelings, to show that not everything is love at first sight, and allow my readers to lose themselves from their everyday lives, to take the red pill and follow my characters down the rabbit hole if you will.