John Terry Moore

John Terry Moore lives with his partner Russell in Geelong, Victoria’s largest regional center, one hour from Melbourne, Australia. He completed his education at Hobart Matriculation College, and held a number of senior positions in the automotive industry over a thirty-five year period. He has been a civil marriage celebrant and funeral celebrant since 1995 (now retired), and together with his partner were successful flower growers, raised stud sheep and bred Kelpies, Australia’s working dogs. Born into a farming family; his empathy and understanding of country people has allowed him to focus on rural issues in his writing. Geographical and social isolation through the worry and stress of poor seasons, fluctuating prices, and in particular, sexual orientation in men has fuelled depression across regional and rural Australia in epidemic proportions. Driven by his experiences as a funeral celebrant, he understands full well the ultimate penalty paid by men of all age groups when they feel marginalized by homophobic attitudes and actions in rural and regional communities in particular. Over the years, John has become an increasingly strident and persistent voice with politicians, community groups, and the general public, encouraging, supporting, and driving the push for gay marriage and equal rights for same sex parents and their children. Black Dog reminds us that gay kids should never be allowed to feel that they aren’t as good as straight kids. That only when everyone is treated exactly the same under law will society begin to heal itself.