H. E. Kollef

H. E. Kollef currently lives in the UK, where she splits her time between her latest novel, tackling her MSc in Library Science and attempting to pet every dog she comes across. She loves Prague and romance almost as much as a well-organized library, and hopes to incorporate all three in her next novel. Follow her @HEKollef or on her website, HannahKollef.com H. E. Kollef is an author and aspiring librarian. She was born in New Jersey, spent her early twenties writing and teaching English in the Czech Republic and Korea, and is currently attempting an MSc in Library Science in the UK. It is possible that she was bitten by a peculiar bug as a child, one that encouraged wandering feet and a tumbling mind. Her favorite city is Prague and she recommends it to everyone she meets, especially if she thinks they’d enjoy romance, hearty beer, and snowy walks along the winding Vltava river. Her latest project is H. E.’s first foray into the world of romance novels; it is a contemporary thriller; there are explosions. You can learn more about it, along with her previously published work, at HannahKollef.com or follow her @HEKollef.