Anna Kaling

Anna Kaling writes international contemporary romance, usually set in Britain and featuring lots of tea, rain, and passive-aggressive queuing. By day she writes about concrete erections for a construction firm, and by night she… well, never mind.

When not writing, she’s probably watching bad monster movies like Grabbers, featuring alien octopi that can only be fought by drunk people, or Super Shark, featuring the immortal exchange: “The sharks can fly!” “That’s bad.”

Or she might be playing her favorite games, including Plague, in which one must create a disease that wipes out humanity. She finds it inspirational.

Anna lives in London. She’s so British that she went through an entire operation too polite to mention the anesthetic hadn’t worked. She’s usually being sat on by a cat: either Charlie, who will only eat fresh chicken breast warmed to blood temperature and who bullies her to go to bed at 9:00 p.m. each night, or Pepper, who is as socially awkward as Anna and thinks everybody wants to stare right at her butt. Anna doesn’t shove her butt in people’s faces, but she does usually end up talking about the best pimple-popping videos at dinner parties. Serves them right for inviting her.

Anna would love to hear from you, especially if you have any bad monster movies or pimple popping videos to share.