Z.A. Maxfield's Top 5 Mother's Day Movies

Z.A. Maxfield's Top 5 Mother's Day Movies
Thursday May 10, 2018


Since Mother’s day is coming up, in no particular order, here are my top five Mother’s Day movies:


1. Strictly Ballroom – A Cinderella story with dancing and romance… OMG. I could watch that movie forever, even though it’s dated. The paso doble at the end makes my heart soar like no other movie ever. Sighs…

2. Shall We Dance – the original 1996 Japanese version. Balancing Japanese culture against ballroom style dance with the added interest of a really good family drama, this film is shy and nuanced, and just lovely.

3. American Dreamer – It’s the story of an average housewife who wins a contest to meet her favorite romance author in Europe, all expenses paid. Of course, she gets hit on the head, believes she’s the writer’s heroine, and goes on to have madcap, sexy adventures with Tom Conti. Sign ME UP!

4. Overboard – Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Overboard is an immensely satisfying family drama. But it also has her trademark madcap acting. I love her relationship with his kids and how she goes from being a consumer to a creator.

5. Diva – Quelle surprise, Diva rounds out my top five list. We open with an obsessed Opera fanboy, a sexy Diva, a quirky cast and a plot that leaves you gasping, Diva was one of my favorite movies of the eighties. It’s stylish and fun, and the music is my absolute go to sound track when I need solace.

Not on my list but equally important are films like The Sure Thing and The Princess Bride, and films I could watch with my kids, like Beauty and the Beast (both the animated version and later, the Jean Cocteau version.) 

Best wishes for a lovely May! Be well! And whatcha got out there? What are your favorite “Feel Good” movies?