Top Five Most Beloved Categories of Toys by Brandon Witt

Top Five Most Beloved Categories of Toys by Brandon Witt
Thursday July 13, 2017


Hi, everyone! If you happen to follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that I am quite the collector of toys. And I’m not that cool geek kind of toy collector. You know, the one that has all the original Star Wars characters still in the boxes. Nope, not me at all. I’m the kind that has toys in buckets and I still pull them out from time to time to make sure all their hair is done correctly. Yes, you read that right. Hair. So, without further ado, here are my top five most beloved categories of toys. Four of which I still collect today.

1. My Little Ponies. Just in case you were afraid this list was going to go uber masculine on you, you can rest assured, you got the wrong guy making this list.  I had these by the hundreds, literally, as a kid. When we moved during my senior year, I was allowed to keep 10 of them and we got rid of the rest. I still have those ten, and long for the rest. But now, I have a huge collection of the new generation. They are arranged on my desk and sit beside me every day as I write. They’re adorable, magic, and you can do their hair.

2. Barbies. Despite my very religious and conservative family, I was allowed to have Barbie dolls. And back then, they didn’t make mermaid dolls, so I would take duct tape and make tails for them. Now, in the wonderful age in which we live, you can buy Barbie dolls of all shapes and sizes. More importantly, you can buy them with premade tails. Actual mermaids!  And, once again, you can do their hair!

3. Legos. I loved them as a kid and I still enjoy them as an adult.  While I often followed the directions that came with them. My favorite thing to do was have a whole bunch of random pieces and build dream house after dream house after dream house.  You can even build beauty salons out of Legos. I bet you can take a wild guess on who occupied those dream houses. (Hint: For assistance revisit numbers one and two)

4. Books.  Maybe not officially toys, but I spent just as much time, if not more, with books than I did with actual toys. However, I  struggled to learn to read until around fifth grade, but once it finally clicked, it clicked. I read so much, that for punishments, my parents would sometimes take away my books. For many, many years my favorite was Nancy Drew. I still love her. She has great hair!

5. G.I. Joe’s. Hands down, the straightest toy on the list. However, they weren’t that straight with the things I had them do to each other. In between rounds of making out, they went on spy missions, just like Nancy Drew. And, most of them had very classically swept over hair, that couldn’t get messed up. Sexy, sexy!