Top Five Favorite Spots on Earth by Sean Michael

Top Five Favorite Spots on Earth by Sean Michael
Thursday August 03, 2017

You know how some places are just special? There can be a hundred different reasons why some place holds a special spot in your heart. Whether it’s the beauty of the place, what was going on in your life at the time, the way being there makes you feel, we all have favorite places. 

What’s your favorite place on earth and why?


Here are my top five:

5. Ontario in the fall – There is nothing like the leaves as they change colors, turning yellow and orange and red, setting the trees on fire. It's absolutely beautiful. Nature putting on her finery.


4. The Heidelberg Castle, Germany – I lived in Schlierbach, a suburb of Heidelberg for a year when I was ten/eleven. Almost every afternoon we would walk along the mountainside to the castle and wander the  grounds. We did this all through fall and winter and spring, and it was quiet and beautiful and magical. Then summer came and with it, the tourists, flooding “my” castle and stealing a bit of its magic. But those quiet winters days on the castle grounds? Stunning.


3. Riverport, Nova Scotia – Specifically the beach at the Salty Rose cabins. Peaceful, lovely cool breezes. I sat on the beach for hours and could have made it days. It was a fly in and out trip for my sister’s wedding, and I didn’t have much time to just sit there, but I was more relaxed after that time on the beach than if I’d had a week on vacation. 


2. Cape Reinga, New Zealand – This is the northern tip of the northern island in New Zealand. The Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet here – crashing into each other. For the Maoris, this is the place of leaping, where Maori spirits begin their final journey. You can feel that spirituality in that place. I could sit and watch the waves coming together for days. If I lived there, I don’t know that I’d ever get anything done, because I’d go sit and watch the waves all day every day.


1. Where I live during a snowstorm - I have a creek out back of the house, and there’s lots of trees and as soon as it snows, the view turns into a postcard. It’s so beautiful. But it’s more than that. When there’s a snowstorm, any snow in fact, there’s this hush that comes over the world, like the snow is blanketing the world. Beautiful, peaceful, cold. I just love it and always try and get out and be in it – especially if it’s those huge soft flakes, they’re the best.


Sean Michael
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