Top 5 Webcomics by Susan Laine

Thursday June 15, 2017

Hi, everyone. I’m Susan Laine, and today I’m here to talk about my favorite webcomics. If any of you have read my books, you know that one or two (or more) of my characters have mentioned webcomics, specifically boylove (BL) comics. They’re my guilty pleasure, better than gay porn… Anyway, in case you wanna check ‘em out, here’s my top 5 picks of ongoing webcomics:

1. Avialae: It’s about two boys in high school. One is an openly gay guy by the name of Gannet—who wakes up one day with wings growing on his back. The only one he can confide in is his next-door neighbor nerdy boy, Bailey, who’s confused about his sexuality but who loves birds—while being allergic to them. Their adventures in finding out what Gannet is and what to do as a result is complemented by realistic characters and explicit sex scenes.

2. Exorcism Academy: In this special institution, agents are trained to battle demons. To do that, they need to collar a demon to channel their powers. A young trainee by the name of Ethan finds himself paired with a surprisingly powerful demon called… Al. And Al has a mouth on him! The banter and chemistry between Ethan and Al is combustible. When it comes to body heat, this one’s an absolute must. Full of explicit sex

3. Transfusions: This one’s about a young student named Dylan who’s probably asexual and a hot vampire named Joa from the eighties who’s in need of a friend. While they start out as enemies and then reluctant partners, they eventually become friends and lovers. This has been going on for years, so there’s plenty of (explicit) goodness to enjoy.

4. Valentine: From hot comics to sweet, this one’s the latter, so far anyway. A Valentine’s Day event in school, where colored paper hearts are exchanged—and Alex and Max find out they’re paired up. Max is gay but Alex isn’t. Max is by far the cutest thing ever! They become friends—and over time… maybe more? If you’re looking for a touch of absolute adorability (is that a word?), you can’t go wrong with this one.

5. Midnight Coffee: Done in an intriguingly simple art style, the themes in this one remind me of Transfusions. This is about a young man Matt who meets a beautiful girl—who turns out to be a vampire named Levka who has the greatest hair ever depicted in any comic. Plus, Levka’s a sassy one, with a badass attitude. They bond over a shared love of coffee—and more later on as they find a rapport.

Runners-up: Teahouse which was unfortunately cancelled used to be my number 1 choice, and it’s about a fancy brothel in a fantasy land; Starfighter is full of non-con and sub-con BDSM style rough sex but also has epic space battles and peculiar schemes behind the scenes; Buying Time will break your heart while simultaneously filling you with hope, as two men fall in love in a futuristic world where time is quite literally money; Spurs and Stripes is about a young goth gay guy who ends up working at the ranch of a hot, gruff cowboy as penance for past crimes, and you may expect lots of witty banter and teasing nudity.