Top 5 Favorite Childhood TV Shows by M.D. Grimm

Top 5 Favorite Childhood TV Shows by M.D. Grimm
Thursday August 10, 2017

Hi everyone! I decided to do a blast from the past and thought it would be fun to list my Top 5 favorite TV shows as a child. I tried to limit my list to shows I no longer watch as an adult, for one reason or another. I feel a little sheepish saying there are quite a few “kid” shows I still watch as an adult. I think it keeps me young and stops me from taking myself too seriously.


Feel free to share your own! And, please, let’s keep this friendly and no judging!


5. Hey Arnold – Helga was so weird, she was cool. When I got older I realized just how obsessed Helga really was, and it sure wasn’t healthy. What they get away with in kid shows! Plus, how can you resist those oddly-shaped heads?

4. Wild Thornberries – A girl who can talk to animals? Who can resist that! And I highly doubt there was even one person who watched that show that *didn’t* want to talk to the animals like she did. I also loved that show because the family was unusual, and Eliza wasn’t attractive according to societal norms, but she was the main protagonist and an awesome person. Unfortunately, I never got to see the last few seasons because of life, and I never figured out how the show ended. One day I might...

3. Are You Afraid of the Dark? – I never got to see many episodes of this show. It just wasn’t on a lot, or at times I couldn’t view it. And this was before DVR. But the few episodes I did watch? Oh my! Yes, please. They were *amazing*. Yeah, I was an odd child...

2. Mighty Ducks – It was only on for one season, around 13 episodes, I think, but my sister and I LOVED that show. If only it got more air time! It was about several anthropomorphic ducks that got transplanted to Earth, and they played hockey, and fought a villain that was an evil/demonic-looking duck. He was voiced by Tim Currey, I believe. The worst part was they left the show on a cliffhanger and then canceled it. My sister and I were so pissed!

1. So Weird – Another piece of evidence to my oddness. I ate this show up! But only when the main protagonist, Fiona, was part of the show. When they replaced her with a blonde, so-called “singer” I said nope! Done. (I’m a blonde, and I was so pissed with the pop replacement! Fiona *was* the show.) But before that, it was great. It’s where I first learned about banshees, ghosts, and ancient mysteries, like the ancient computer discovered in the ocean years ago. Really too bad they don’t put the show on DVD, I would so buy that. I’m sure others would too.  Plus, another strong female protagonist.


Honorable mentions: These weren’t included because I still watch them: Rugrats (how could I not?), Gargoyles (best freaking cartoon series *ever*), Darkwing Duck (I laugh so hard every time, too bad not all episodes are available on DVD), Scooby-Doo (the original 60s show), Looney Tunes, and Xena: Warrior Princess (yes, indeed. Sat down with my sister in my grandmother’s kitchen the day the pilot episode aired and sat glued to the TV for the full hour. Best bad-ass warrior chick of them all!)