This Bridge Has A Toll - Chapter 14 of The One That Feels

This Bridge Has A Toll - Chapter 14 of The One That Feels
Sunday December 04, 2016

Greetings readers! I'm so excited to share with you chapter 14 of The One That Feels. When we last left our heroes they were approaching the border of Zaharoth and their escape from the knights that Nem's father sent in chase. Now they face the bridge into Garuth and its guardian. With the crossing, Nem has to make a choice. Will their companionship continue?

Find out in Chapter 14 of The One That Feels.

The One That Feels is a serialized gay romance with both contemporary and fantasy elements. It is published roughly biweekly on The Passion Stroll, the blog of author Ashavan Doyon. If you're new to the story, you can start from the very beginning.

Unsure? Check out the blurb:

The One That Feels
Thommas Ashforthe should never have met his ex Brian at the club. Never able to refuse Brian’s pleas, Thommas enters the Realm to seek out the lost spirit of Brian’s dying boyfriend Jordan. The price of travel in that place of magic is steep and oaths spoken in the Realm cannot be broken. With time running out before Jordan’s body dies in the world of the real, Thommas rushes through the Realm on a hopeless quest.

Nem is a prince of Zaharoth, and Thommas represents a hope of escape from the ruthless authority of his father. But when Nem binds Thommas with an oath as a price of passage through the forests of his homeland, can he dare to hope that the stranger from the real will be truly bound by it? ‚Äč


Ashavan is also celebrating the recent release of Sam's Cafe Romances book 3: The Rodeo Knight from Dreamspinner Press!