The One That Feels starts feeling like fantasy

The One That Feels starts feeling like fantasy
Thursday June 30, 2016

The One That Feels, my serialized gay romance/contemporary fantasy, reaches chapter 5 on my blog today.

This is where the story begins to really feel like fantasy. Did Brian bite off more than he could chew with Jordan? Does Janice know something she's not saying?

Find out in Chapter 5 of The One That Feels.

The One That FeelsThommas Ashforthe should never have met his ex Brian at the club. Never able to refuse Brian’s pleas, Thommas enters the Realm to seek out the lost spirit of Brian’s dying boyfriend Jordan. The price of travel in that place of magic is steep and oaths spoken in the Realm cannot be broken. With time running out before Jordan’s body dies in the world of the real, Thommas rushes through the Realm on a hopeless quest.

Nem is a prince of Zaharoth, and Thommas represents a hope of escape from the ruthless authority of his father. But when Nem binds Thommas with an oath as a price of passage through the forests of his homeland, can he dare to hope that the stranger from the real will be truly bound by it? ‚Äč

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