T.A. Chase's Top 5 Stress Relievers

Thursday September 28, 2017

Hi everyone. I’m here to give you my Top Five list. It’s in celebration of my re-release of Why I Love Bodyguards. Yay!!  I hope you enjoy it.

I had a bad day the other day. Just one where I was crazy busy all day along and people were annoying me. I’m sure you all had days like that. I came home to relax and try to relieve the stress of the day. 

I thought I’d share my Top Five things I do to relieve stress and make my day better.

#5:  Exercise—whether it’s going for a run or hitting the gym. I’ve found that sometimes exhausting myself helps me let go of all the crappy stuff I’ve been dealing with.

#4: Meditating—Just sitting somewhere in the dark, trying to ignore all the crap in my head helps ease my troubles. Plus it’s good to lower the blood pressure. Lol

#3: Reading—I’ll hit the library or grab a book off my huge pile of books and curl up to read. It’s nice to leave the world behind at times. To visit other worlds and see how characters deal with their own problems. 

#2: Friends—I will call up some friends and go hang out with them. It doesn’t matter what we do. I just need to laugh and dance sometimes.

#1: The number one thing I do to comfort myself when I’ve had a bad day is…come home, curl up on the couch with my cat, binge watch some show and eat some non-dairy Hagen Daz ice cream. Let me tell you…the coconut caramel ice cream is amazing!!!  Lol  Tbh…the best way for me to relieve stress is just to shut myself away from the world and decompress. 

What’s your favorite way to relieve stress?