Stepped on the scale...

Sunday April 21, 2019

I feel a little like I've neglected this corner of my writing universe. Honestly, I've neglected my writing universe quite a lot, though I've managed to keep the writing going on at a decent pace.

So, I went back to my website and I gave it a facelift. I hope you all like it... it's modern and sleek and—most importantly—responsive, so it should work well whether you're looking on a phone or a computer. This means the Passion Stroll, my blog, is also getting back into the swing of things.

I wish I could say the post is cheery, but it's not. I'll go with authentic instead. Like so many things that push you, it's often the negative nudges that get the tookus moving more than the positive ones.

I so wish that weren't true.

So I have some thoughts on weight and weightloss and what those mean to me, on the Passion Stroll: So, I stepped on the scale this morning...