Sold To Dreamspinner Press, Two Contemporary Romance Novels Coming 2015

Thursday January 08, 2015

Coming in June or July 2015

Empty Nests 

At age 14 James Maron decided to prove he wasn’t gay despite vast evidence to the contrary. Now at age 32 he’s getting ready to send son to college and wondering what he’s supposed to do next. Outside his son his life consists of a university IT support job which he hates, and watching telenovelas with the women in his apartment building. Gabriel Juarez is the CFO of a technology giant. He has looks, charm, fantastic wealth, a workaholic personality, and a string of boyfriends who only stick around because he’s too busy to tell them to leave.

A bad laptop/projector interface causes James and Gabe’s paths to cross. Friends, family, and co-worker’s quickly jump to try to get Gabe together with a nice guy, and James together with anyone. Except they come from very different worlds. James hasn’t had a relationship since he was 14 and Gabe hasn’t paid attention to his relationships in years. Everyone will have to tread very carefully to keep things from ending before they start.


Coming in August or September 2015

Bowerbirds - Empty Nests Book 2

No synopsis so I don't spoil the first.