Sequels to What's in a Name?

Thursday January 01, 2015

Fredi Zimmer has a small part in What's in a Name? as barista Jimmy Patterson's good friend.  Fredi, an acclaimed architect and interior designer, creates the interior of Jimmy's second coffee shop in Old Town Stone Acres, California.

Here's a brief look at what Redesigning Max is about:

Architect and interior designer Fredi Zimmer has dreamed about meeting someone like Max Greene, owner of sporting goods megastore Greene's Outdoors. When Max approaches Fredi to remodel the Sierra Mountains cabin Max inherited, Fredi jumps at the chance.

But the friends of Max's deceased uncle, who raised Max after his parents' death, aren't as enthralled with out-and-proud Fredi as Max seems to be. They're afraid Max, who thinks he's been in the closet for years, will revert to his homosexual tendencies.

The question everyone's asking is if bird-watcher Max will end up with the bright-plumaged Fredi rather than the conservative, fundamentalist mud hens and barn swallows he's known all his life.

The Behr Facts, the third in the FLAG (Foothills Lesbians and Gays) series, takes minor characters from both What's in a Name? and Redesigning Max, and gives the oldest of three brothers of Behr construction company his story. 

Six foot six Abe is a bear in the purest sense with his compassionate nature, gruff voice, and penchant for fishing.  But with someone siphoning off money from the company, Abe can't afford to be kind-hearted or he and his brothers will be bankrupt soon.

I'm hoping to have The Behr Facts done and know whether Redesigning Max is accepted by March.