Seeking stories now: Dreamspun Beyond!

Seeking stories now: Dreamspun Beyond!
Monday January 07, 2019

These contemporary category romance novels feature paranormal themes, settings, and characters to create compelling otherworldly romance that’s a step beyond reality and far too appealing and romantic to miss.

Download the Dreamspun Beyond House Line PDF for submission details.


The Dreamspun Beyond line features a specific type of romance (category style), and we are looking for strong, developed, unique voices in the gay romance genre. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you write your story and prepare your proposal or submission:

  • Read a few of our recent Dreamspun Beyond releases (3 to 4) to get a feel for our style of category romance. Adapt or pen your story appropriately.
  • See suggestions in our Dreamspun Content Guidelines.
  • Be flexible about taking story feedback. We will make suggestions throughout the proposal and submission process, so if you prefer a hands-off style of collaboration, this is not the line for you.
  • (For story proposals, rather than full submissions) Have draft chapters ready to send if we like your proposal. This will get you in the review queue faster.
  • Choose traditional paranormal themes and tropes but feature high-profile or swoon-worthy characters. Our category romances are contemporary romantic fantasy in the literal sense—we’re looking for the archetypes readers dream of and drool over, thrown together in an unlikely, whirlwind romance. Light-heartedness and humor are encouraged.
  • Strive for a clear three-act story structure. We want to see these characters meet, fall in love, and overcome adversity.
  • Ground your story with solid goals, motivations, and conflicts. We want to feel how these character traits push and pull at one another.
  • The drama in the plot arc should be relationship-focused, even as external events help drive the characters’ choices. We prefer a believable mix of emotional internal conflicts and external pressure over characters reacting solely to external story elements. Balance is key.
  • Your characters should meet on page within the first 5,000 words, and sooner is better. Got an idea for a great first-page meet cute? Great, let’s see it! For second-chance romance, we understand they’ll already know one another, but we want to see that spark of reunion quickly.
  • Avoid any implication of cheating in your story! This makes certain tropes—like escorts and porn stars—challenging to pen, but it is doable. Be wary of showing the lead characters engaged in sexual activity with other (secondary) characters. The depiction of sex for money should be treated professionally, and any other background setup that requires sex with a secondary character should be referred to off page and happen before the story starts.