Remmy Duchene's Top 5 Songs to Write Nookie To

Thursday March 01, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Here are my top five songs to write nookie to! This is so hard (See what I did there? Lol). Keep in mind, all these songs can be found on Youtube.

5.  Talking Bodies by Tove Lo – Just listening to the lyrics to this makes me want to write a love scene. 

4. Body Say by Demi Lovato – Sure she started out as a one of Barney’s Friends (yes, big purple dinosaur). But this song is hot enough to singe eyebrows.

3. First by SoMo – I could have done this entire list with just his songs or the songs he’s chosen to cover. But this one won (grins). With its many references to rain, I’m pretty sure you can guess what this one is about.

2. Play by Jaremi Carey aka RuPaul’s Dragrace Alum Phi Phi O’Hara – This song is so beautiful and sexy it blew my mind that Phi Phi did it. His voice is spectacular and the view—*dreamy sigh*

1. Bilingual by Jose Nunez Featuring Taina – You want to listen to the dirty mix of this one. Trust me, if you love reading Kink or things on the hotter scale, this song will do it every time.


Honourable Mentions

When We by Tank – This song is what Fifty Shades would be if they’d hired Idris Elba to play the main male role. The lyrics alone are enough to make you head for a cold shower. Pair that with the BDSM video – yup, *head explodes*  

Love on the Brain by Rihanna – This song is intelligent sexy. It’s the kind of song that you have to listen to and focus on the lyrics and you don’t realize just how sexy it is until you’re singing it out loud in the car going 100 in a 60 zone.