Patron - Released on June 21st 2017

Monday May 22, 2017

Exciting news for one and all! In a month's time, my new novella will be released. Patron is a historical supernatural romance with a side of Ancient Greek nerdery set in Victorian London in 1860.

To give you a taste of what's to come, here's a little sneak peek:

Theodore looked up, startled.

The late arrival, the gentleman with the cane, was standing over him. At such a close proximity, he was even more striking, with broad, high cheekbones and a hawklike nose beneath artfully curled black hair. Theodore got up quickly and bowed politely. “Thank you, sir.”

The man chuckled, his dark eyes glinting like chips of polished obsidian. “No need for all of that.” His voice was deep, musical. It suited him, Theodore thought. “I came to hear the words spoken well. I find myself satisfied.”

Theodore could not help but draw himself up with pride. To receive the approval of someone he knew well was comforting, but the praise of a stranger, especially one clearly his superior, was wonderful. “You know the language, then?”

“I am familiar with it, yes.” The man tapped his fingers on his cane. He had a heavy gold ring on one finger. It clicked against the polished wood. “Our host mentioned you were a student of the classics.”

Theodore nodded at once. “My main course of study is law, but for my own pleasure, I study Greek. The art, the language, the poetry….” He sighed. “We have no civilization to match it these days.”

The man laughed. “Ah, but you have industry, Mr. Wentworth. You have iron ships that sail the world. You have success on land and sea and ports in a hundred countries. You have a queen who rules an empire that covers much of the globe.” Beneath his dark moustache, his full lips turned up in a smile. “Is that not civilization?”

Theodore felt like he had been set before his professor again, asked to argue his case. “Of a sort, but is it the kind that will be remembered in thousands of years? Where is the art? Where are the epic poems and stories that will resonate through the ages? Where are the gods and their heroes?”

Though the man’s smile remained the same, Theodore couldn’t help but feel he had earned his approval. “Perhaps such things remain but we do not see them, as we are caught up in them. You, for example, may be part of your own epic tale.”

Theodore smiled. “You do me too much credit, sir.”


If you're interested in seeing where Theodore's adventure leads, it can be pre-ordered/bought here.