New Novella

Wednesday December 03, 2014

I'm excited to announce that my first Young Adult novella, Recipe for Magic, will be published through Harmony Ink Press on January 1, 2015! I can't wait for you all to read the story of two dorky teenage mages forced to work together.

Here's the full synopsis:

Connor Roth is a fire mage who’s going places: he's powerful, popular, and he has a plan. But his plan for fame and glory is disrupted when the Oracle sticks him with Landyn Glendower for Senior Trial. This is an act unprecedented in their school's history. Landyn is a water mage, and everyone knows mages with opposing elements can’t work magic together.

Connor is left with a choice: work alone and fail or swallow his pride and work with Landyn to find a way to combine their magic in a display the Archmages will never forget—if they don't get kicked out of school in the process.

You can pre-order it now. Thanks for reading!