New and Beloved Eric Arvin Titles Now Available

Thursday April 13, 2017

Ten years ago when I accepted our first story from Eric Arvin, he replied, "You made me so happy! The fact that someone else has read it and likes it...well, it makes me wanna cry happy tears." For me, that quote embodies Eric's relationship with his stories and readers. Eric wrote from his heart, and when a reader connected with his words, he felt it to his soul.

I am thrilled that readers will be able to continue to connect with Eric, his words and worlds. I'd like to thank Wilde City Press and Eric's mom, Patricia for helping to make that happen.

If you are a fan of Eric's writing, Terms We Have for Dreaming won't disappoint. If you've never experienced Eric's intricate, twisting worlds and unique humor, I encourage you to try one. While not a traditional romance author, Eric Arvin's uncommon voice is one of the best we've had the honor to publish.

~Elizabeth North, Executive Director