My Newest Book Arrives Oct 22!

Wednesday October 01, 2014

"Coming Out in Style" is my newest book. It's a novella that deals with how one young man, Drew, 'came out' in the late 1960s. Drew in present day has a longtime lover, Kliff, and one late night at a downtown diner, Drew relates his experiences in what it was like for him to come out 'back in the old days.'

Drew doesn't mean revealing himself as a gay man to his family and friends. Instead, he refers to events that were more like an old debutante ball in which someone is officially introduced to society. In this case, Drew means the rocky road that plunged him into 'gay society' in the days when it wasn't particularly easy or accepted well by straight society. Indeed, he had a few surprises coming his way--both back then and in the present, too.

His stories about his first gay bar experience and some wild times in the Dallas gay scene of the late 1960s may not shock anyone today (except perhaps if you have an elderly maiden aunt who disapproves of anything modern), but it might give you a laugh or two at Drew's naivte and his innocent visit to a wild gay party in the old SMU neighborhood of Big D.