Mosaic: Join Us in Celebrating Life's Diversity

Mosaic: Join Us in Celebrating Life's Diversity
Wednesday June 12, 2019

Dreamspinner Press seeks romances that reflect the diverse mosaic of the world to include in our standard catalog. We want to publish vibrant and evocative gay romance novels that positively represent:

  • ethnic minority background 
  • religious minority background  
  • living with disabilities
  • older age than generally seen in romance novels (50+ years)

Stories written by authors who represent the above, as well as stories featuring characters who represent the above, are desired. 

Dreamspinner Press wants all authors to know they have a place within gay romance—everybody loves a happy ending. We would be pleased to discuss proposals made in summary or outline form, with or without partial manuscript, in consideration of a full submission. 

LGBTQ+ young adult fiction (Harmony Ink Press) and LGBTQ+ genre fiction (DSP Publications) also welcome. This call for submissions does not create a House Line or special collection.

For full details about our submissions process, please download our Submissions Process Guide

Contact Submissions at for more information. Please reference Mosaic


Answering this call for submissions does not guarantee an offer of contract for publication.