Liv Olteano's Top 5 Favorite Drinks

Thursday August 09, 2018


My creative process usually involves copious amounts of music and sometimes some spiked drinks, lol. Without further ado, I present to you:

1. Frisky delight vibe: Irish Coffee – My ultimate fav drink, because I’m a shameless coffee addict. It has freshly brewed coffee, brown sugar, whiskey of some sort (Bailey’s, most often), and whipped cream on top. It can be light or pretty heavy on the whiskey, and can be served hot or cold (my fav is hot xD).

2. Buzz of excitement vibe: Sheridan's Coffee Liqueur – Because my fav ever is Irish Coffee, but sometimes you want a simplified, sweeter, super-fast shot of yummy. It comes in two conjoined bottles, one with coffee flavored and one with milk-flavored stuff, so you can choose how much you want of each by tilting the bottle differently. I encourage you to experiment xD

3. Cheery vibe: Old Mout Kiwi & Lime Cider – I’m a fan of cider by and large, but there’s just something extra-yum about this one. It’s somewhat sweet but not too much so, and the subtle lime flavor plus the sparkly nature of the drink just make it a great relaxing drink: not strong enough to get me too worked up, but not soft enough to go unnoticed – one of my favorite hang-out drinks too.

4. Angsty vibe: Gin Tonic – For when I need to get in the action scene zone in a hurry. The delicious bitterness just does it for me.

5. Chill-out vibe: Mojito with brown sugar – It just works, regardless of the season (without ice in colder seasons, though). The mix of mint and lime is one of my fav combos ever. I love the fresh taste and the tingly bitter/sweetness xD


What’s your favorite drink to get in a particular mood? Do particular drinks get you in a specific kind of mood too?