Into the city of Garuth - Chapter 15 of The One That Feels

Monday December 19, 2016

And we're back on schedule! Tonight's release? Chapter 15 in the serial of The One That Feels. Our heroes survived the forest of Zaharoth, escaped from the knights the king sent to follow them. Now they've entered Garuth. The problem? To get in they paid a toll, a spoken truth from Thommas's lips. An oath, unbreakable within the Realm. Two lovers fleeing to elope.

What will the city of Garuth bring the would be lovers? Will Thommas truly elope and marry a creature of the Realm, forsaking a return to the Real? 

Find out what happens next in Chapter 15 of The One That Feels!

*grumble* what do you mean you haven't been reading it? You get that it's free, right? Yeah. Free. On my blog. Twice a month, unless something unspeakable happens, like Trump winning an election. Start reading The One That Feels from the beginning.