Happy 2015! What's ahead with Chrissy.

Thursday January 01, 2015

Hey y’all, Welcome to 2015! I hope you had a good celebratory start to your year. You know I’m still feeling festive if my y’alls start flying.

No surprise if you’ve been here before, but I love fresh starts, Mondays, moving into new houses, new notebooks, and especially, New Years. There’s an energy and vibrancy I can’t help but get excited about. While not any kind of resolution, as part of my 2015 goal planning (let me pet my pretty binder) I’m playing around with a few different ideas on how I want my year to go.

One of my tools will be a monthly focus. Instead of jumping around and chasing the new and shiny when it pops into my head, I’m choosing a different idea/thought/topic each month, spending time with it, and seeing how it applies in my life and work. Lucky you, I’ll be highlighting some of this here, and I hope you’ll share the process with me.

There’s still all the usual stuff throughout the week. If I’m going to have a new blog post then it will be here on Mondays. Tuesdays and Thursdays you can catch me on Twitter with my Free Kindle Pick o’ the Day, Wednesdays are Homonym Hump Days here on the blog, and I’ve a few guest author posts lined up as well. I still haven’t figured out how, or even if I want to fit Facebook into the mix, but we’ll see how things go. On the writing front? I have two completed works off in the corner taking a brief rest before I give them a final editing pass and I'm staring down the last 40k on my novella and novel in progress. Hopefully that will finish out the first quarter of this year and then I can jump into that 5 novella series I have outlined and ready to go.

Are we ready for 2015 or am I just a little *too* excited for y ‘all?