Elle Brownlee's Top 5 Road Trips

Thursday March 22, 2018

Hey, Dreamreaders! It's great to be here sharing my Top 5. I'm an adventurer at heart, and road trips are my jam. I love them, whether spontaneous or meticulously planned. I can't wait to hear about your favorite road trips, travels, and adventures!

1) College --> ?. Way back when I was young and all-nighters were both a thing I did and could survive, friends and I decided mid-studying we needed a change of scenery and good coffee. So we hopped in my car and I drove until we were in a big city several hours away. We found a 24/7 diner and guzzled coffee over homework and pie. Downside: I had to drive us back while everyone else got to snooze. Still, #worthit.

2) Brisbane --> Cairns. When I told people I was doing this in one go, most answered 'maybe don't?' -- which of course didn't put me off any. Halfway there and I'd started to concede that could have been the better wisdom. But, I was committed and determined and the landscape was incredible. Tea never tasted so good as the super-strong pot I had, middle of the night and gritty eyed, at an all-hours truck stop.

3) New Mexico. I looped a fair bit of this beautiful state in one day, because I only had one day! From Chaco, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Catwalk river trail, Silver City, Truth or Consequences--and everything in between--to end in Albuquerque.

4) Orlando --> NYC. I left the DSP author weekend one year and drove up the coast. So many glorious sunrises, cities, and National Park sites, and what a fab sendoff!

5) Everywhere Possible. 2016 was the National Park Service's centennial, and I took long, 'see as many of them as you can' road trips to celebrate. One with family that included Yellowstone, one to/from the Booklovers Con in Las Vegas that included the Grand Canyon, and a few shorter ones. I visited 30+ and all were amazing.