Elizabeth Noble’s Top 5 Favorite Pies

Thursday November 30, 2017



Hello, I’m Elizabeth Noble and thanks for stopping by today. I’m in the United States and my favorite holiday happened last week. Thanksgiving! As far as I’m concerned there is no Thanksgiving feast complete without pie, and lots of it. Of course, eating pie calls for a tasty beverage to accompany it! 

Here’s my Top 5 fav pies (in no particular order) and what I like to wash them down with.

1. French Silk Pie: Hmm creamy and chocolate. I like to pair this little slice of goodness with hazelnut flavored coffee, add a dash of cinnamon and orange zest to the brew. Or, try a blood-orange and cranberry black tea. Hot chocolate makes a great compliment as well. A mocha-cinnamon blend is what I reach for.

2. Blueberry Pie: Of all the fruit pies this one is my absolute favorite! When accompanied by Italian roast coffee it’s a like a party in your mouth. Adding some pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon or nutmeg enhances this coffee in an amazing way. There is a roasted chestnut tea I adore to drink while eating a slice of blueberry pie or try caramel hot chocolate for a real treat.

3. Lemon Meringue Pie: I’m a horrible cook, but believe it or not, this is one pie I can make! I love to enjoy this one with some Highlander grog coffee or blackberry sage or blueberry flavored black tea. Dark chocolate hot chocolate is a perfect complement to this pie.

4. Apple-Cranberry Pie: An all-American favorite! No turkey-day feast is complete without this pie, at least not for my family. I recently discovered a new flavor of coffee, Verona and it’s amazing with a slice of this fruity goodness. Holiday spice (or Indian spice) black tea brings out the fruit flavors. Hot chocolate lovers try some butter pecan hot chocolate with this one!

5. Pecan Pie: This is another pie I have successfully baked myself. It’s rich and surprisingly easy to make. I love a mug of Mahogany coffee (add a touch of nutmeg) with a slice of this pie. Caramel vanilla chai black tea goes great with the nutty treat that is this pie. It’s also paired perfectly with cinnamon hot chocolate.


Adding a little shot of an adult beverage will enhance any festivities. Don’t forget cinnamon and nutmeg are healthy additives with so many benefits. Black tea is a powerful antioxidant (it’s good for joint pain too!) and caffeine is good for your heart and brain health! With flavored coffees and teas adding a touch of honey or Turbinado sugar will enhance the flavor and if you’re a cream in your hot beverage lover, go right ahead, it’ll add that creamy goodness to your experience.

I gave you mine, now you give me your favorite dessert and drinks. Do you have a favorite recipe or tip to share?

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