Depth of Return is halfway there!

Saturday March 14, 2015

The first draft of my curent work in progress is at the halfway point.This is a new novel called Depth of Return. It takes place in the same universe as Another Healing, but it's about another witch/demon pairing. North was betrayed by the man he thought was his demon and has vowed he does not want another one, and Alan thought he had life figured out until he fell off a roof and realized nothing would ever be the same. The novel is set in Vermont and has thunderstorms, a canoe, and a big black dog. I hope to finish the draft this spring. I'm having heaps of fun with it so far.

My other WIP, a novel called Jai, is taking a rest. I've finished the rough draft, but I want a little distance before I go back and revise. I am going to have a wonderful summer of writing for sure! Can't wait.