Deanna Wadsworth's Top 5 Favorite Songs

Thursday January 25, 2018


So just for fun, here is a list of my top 5 favorite songs! I am a HUGE music appreciator and love so many genres, that this was no easy task. Hubby and I always have music playing in our home—videos, vinyl, radio, CDs, you name it. Our CD and vinyl collections are so vast, picking these songs took some real thinking…. except for number one.


Number 5: Shake it off, by Taylor Swift. 

Don't judge me, I know she kinda went b****y after her 1989 album, but I looooove this song! It’s awesome for dancing or jamming in your car. To me it never gets old or stops being amazing!


Number 4: Sunflower by Glen Campbell. 

I'm pretty sure none of you have heard this song, but it makes me so happy every time I hear it. If you have heard the song (no cheating!) leave a comment below (in the FB group) and I might have a special prize for you LOL


Number 3: I Love a Rainy Night, by Eddie Rabbit. 

This song brings back memories of my childhood and if I’d ever had children, it probably would've been the lullaby I sang them to bed with. Hmmm, I’ll have to put that in the book one day…. I call savsies on that idea LOL


Number 2 is a tie: Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show, by Neil Diamond 

& Burning Love, by Elvis Presley

I'm showing my age again, but both of these songs will really get you going. I saw the Diamond in concert this summer, and he might be in his seventies, but he still rocks. And Elvis… well? He’s the King, how could he not end up on my list?


Number 1: Free Fallin, by Tom Petty. 

This mega hit from The Full Moon Fever album speaks to me on so many levels. Not just the video and his intoxicating voice, but it feels like I wrote this song myself.


And there you have it, Deanna’s Top 5 Fave Songs. What are some of your favorite songs and why? Post a comment in the DSP FB group and your name will be entered to win your choice of my books WRECKED or EASY RYDER.