A little bit from Gone Away

Thursday June 09, 2016

Mason and Reice from Gone Away were one of my favorite couples to write. Here is a little excerpt.

Finally, Mason moved his hand and took hold of Riece’s cock. Riece had been on edge so long it didn’t take much more than a few squeezes for him to gulp down air before he shuddered and came.

Riece sighed. “That felt good,” he said after a few minutes of deep breathing.

“Yes, it did,” Mason said and chuckled. He moved back far enough to ease out of Riece, then wiped the washcloth over Riece’s soft cock. Riece felt him move one arm out of the bedroll and toss the washcloth to the ground.


Gone Away and all the different couples who are part of the Circles mysteries can be found HERE. Check them out today!