5 Stars for Open Case by Natosha at Gay Book Reviews

Friday February 03, 2017

I truly just love this series.

Yes there are things about Owen and how unstable he is that is not so realistic but that does not stop me from loving this series and this book in particular.

I think that because of how crazy Owen is and all the crap that he puts Seth and Bryce through it only makes them stronger as a couple even though it could have very well torn them apart.

Owen is determined that he deserves a portion of the payout that Seth should be getting from the insurance company, but I think his persistence in trying to blackmail Seth only makes both of these men the other one closer.

As far as the relationship that Seth and Bryce have with one another, I love these two together but as I have thought in the past books also, they have a strange relationship. You can tell they care about one another. I think it is Seth’s weirdness that makes them the odd couple but honestly that is one of the things that I love about them. They are not just this straight laced couple. Instead they are the odd couple that makes one another truly Complete.

After all the turmoil these two men go through and all the stuff that Owen puts them through I was truly happy that this book ended with the two of them going back to their beginning together. They was ready for a new chapter in their lives and going back to the beginning is the perfect place to start a new beginning togther.


Mickie B. Ashling did an amazing job on this series as a whole and I have to admit that I throughly enjoyed each book in the series.

Just as every other book in this series, it was explosive. Definitely a highly recommended read. Love this series.