The Boyfriend Fix

By Lee Pini

The Boyfriend Fix
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  • Release Date
  • Type Novels
  • Words 92982
  • Pages 278
  • ISBN-13 978-1-64108-749-0

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Renowned surgeon Ben McNatt is up for the job of his dreams, and when he gets it, he’ll be the youngest chief of neurosurgery in his hospital’s history. His success rate is flawless, but his perceived lack of compassion is hurting his chances. He’s always viewed relationships as a distraction, but a loving partner might change his colleagues’ ideas about his heartlessness. He’ll do whatever it takes for this promotion—even pretend to date. The natural choice for his fake boyfriend is the cute guy at the coffee shop.

Jamie Anderson is in student loan debt up to his eyeballs. He has three roommates, and not in a quirky found-family way. He works sixty hours a week as a barista, and his boss won’t stop hitting on him. He’s even given up on love. He makes do with fantasies about the hot doctor that comes in for coffee every day like clockwork.

A fake relationship might solve Jamie’s handsy boss problem too. And there’s no way it will lead to real feelings when that’s the last thing either of them wants.
So why are they having so much trouble convincing themselves they aren’t falling for each other?

Cover Artist: Reece Notley

Genres Contemporary Romance / Gay