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Quinn Donahue will do anyone once, so when Aaron Miller spots Quinn making his moves in a Vancouver gay bar, Aaron thinks he's found just the guy to relieve him of his unwanted virginity.  Quinn, however, has apparently decided to make an exception to his usual open-bed policy. He may be an unrepentant connoisseur of one-night stands, but he's not going to disappoint a sweet kid like Aaron by giving him a hot night and then leaving while the sheets are still warm.

After Quinn takes a job at Aaron's family horse farm, Aaron spots both the demons and the decency that drive Quinn's frequent brush-offs, and it makes Aaron want him even more. But Quinn is determined that Aaron won't go home with a man who doesn't deserve him, so he starts sending likely candidates Aaron's way. It takes a grim act of sacrifice for Aaron to realize exactly why Quinn's been so skittish, and he’ll have to keep a firm grip on the man of his dreams to keep Quinn from shying away.


Caballo Oscuro

Caballo Oscuro | Volumen 1

Volumen 1 de la serie Caballo Oscuro

Dan solo piensa en conducir y dejar atrás todo ese lío. Tiene suficiente dinero. Podría arreglar el envío de sus cosas y de su caballo a dondequiera que vaya. Cuando las cosas se volvían difíciles de soportar, el acostumbraba marcharse y en realidad, siempre le había funcionado muy bien.

Dan Wheeler pensó que había encontrado amor y estabilidad en su vida y con su pareja, Justin Archer. Pero cuando Dan se encuentra otra vez solo, trabajando aún como entrenador de caballos para los padres de Justin, tiene que encontrar el modo de aceptar que su vida perfecta ya no existe.

Luego conoce al billonario Evan Kaminski, quien viene a comprar un caballo para su joven hermana y a Jeff Stevens, el amante de Evan, entrenador de caballos que parece entender algo más que el trabajo de Dan. Luchando para manejar todos los trastornos de su vida, Dan se encuentra atraído hacia ambos, la pasión mercurial de Evan y la tranquila sabiduría de Jeff. ¿Es Dan lo suficientemente fuerte como para aprovechar la oportunidad de un nuevo amor, o sería mejor –más seguro- para él permanecer solo?


Jack Lawson grew up poor and can’t forget it. He’s a huge success in the business world, but it won’t be enough until the image of “poor little Jack” is completely wiped away. When Jack runs into his old friend, Noah Mercier, he decides that Noah’s sister, an up-and-coming movie star, would be the perfect evidence of glamorous success. If Jack can win Hayley, it will be clear to everyone, including himself, that he has truly arrived.

The problem with Jack’s grand plan is that he’s more attracted to Noah. Jack’s never worried about the gender of his conquests, but Noah just isn’t flashy enough for Jack’s scheme to set the world on fire...  unless Jack realizes he has practically no control over deciding who he wants—and even less choice in who he needs.


When Kyle Champlain’s grandmother, Molly, passes away, he returns to Wetlake, Canada, to settle her estate. Kyle spent his summers in Wetlake as a child, and now he has the chance to renew his acquaintance with some old friends, including Ryan Summers, before going home to Chicago. But when Kyle tries to pressure Ryan into a business decision, their renewed friendship—and any possible attraction--is almost immediately on the rocks.

As Kyle begins to deliver the personalized bequests from Molly’s will, he meets an odd assortment of people from all walks of life and realizes he has a lot to learn about living and love. But he’ll have to fight his parents, suspicious beneficiaries, and Ryan’s fears if he plans to stay in Wetlake.