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If you knew you had one wild and precious life, would you jump in and live it fully? This band of lively characters isn’t afraid to take a chance on themselves or their dreams. Creativity runs through their veins—they’re writers, poets, singers, guitarists, and even beautiful drag queens. Beyond art, each man will discover that living a wild and precious life means opening himself to love, and each couple will encounter some unforeseen twists along the path to their happy ending.



Will & Patrick


While Will Adams and Patrick Mason start as friends, it doesn’t stop Will from noticing how good Patrick looks in nothing but a towel.


House-sitting leads to flirting and fun as friends become lovers, and eventually just two men who want a lot more of each other. The relationship isn’t without its stops and starts, but one thing is clear: the future will be full of sexy good times, and maybe even something deeper.