The Isle Series

The Isle Universe

Love is brewing on the Isle of Wight…

In The Isle of… Where?, after his best friend dies, Liam Marshall heads to the Isle of Wight to fulfill Alex’s final wish, but when Sam Owens rescues him on the pier, he may have found a reason to start living again. In Isle of Wishes, Liam has headed back to the States to tie up loose ends before marrying Sam, but when Liam loses contact, Sam sends his brother Officer Paul Owens to find out what happened. There, Paul meets closeted Detective Olaf Skandik, and business soon starts to mix with pleasure.

In Isle of Waves, Wig Tobias and Nibs Tyler are happy in love and in running their business, the Blue Lagoon Restaurant, but when vandals and illness strike, it takes the help of friends to get this couple back on track. And finally in Isle of Waiting, read a missing moment of Paul and Olaf’s romance.


Sometimes the truth hides in plain sight, invisible unless someone wants to see it. But once it’s seen, it refuses to be ignored.

When Martus and his sister Elsaben befriend Hal, a dragon, they realize what they have been taught growing up doesn’t match their experiences. The more they adventure together, and the more diverse people and magickal beings they encounter, the more they learn that life is rarely black and white. But getting others to let go of ingrained prejudices might be the toughest mission they’ll face—and they can’t fail, because each of them has a part to play in reshaping their world.