Clouds and Rain

By Zahra Owens

  • Release Date
  • Type Novels
  • Length 8:00
  • ISBN-13 978-1-62380-997-3
  • SKU 3248

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A Clouds and Rain Story

Flynn Tomlinson has drifted for several years, working odd jobs when he needs the money and moving on when he doesn’t. He’s content with his freestyle life, not tied down, not responsible for anyone but himself. Then he comes across a Help Wanted ad in a post office in Idaho and meets Gable Sutton. Gable can’t pay Flynn until he sells his horses, but a serious accident has left him unable to work his ranch alone.

Working with horses beats stacking shelves at the supermarket, and so Flynn agrees to Gable’s terms. What Flynn doesn’t bargain for is being captivated by this gentle, lonely man who captures his heart and moves Flynn to take on an incredible burden: saving Gable’s ranch.

Cover Artist: Anne Cain

Narrator: Paul Morey


Genres Gay / Western Romance